Sunday, 20 September 2015

First Listen: Circuits of Heaven - Out of Air

Circuits of Heaven Out of Air

Circuits of Heaven, 'Out of Air'

Info: There's little to go by at the minute in terms of background on Cork band Circuits of Heaven other than that they are on small indie label Inner Chapters, but that's okay, plenty of time for all that jazz, right now their debut track 'Out of Air' is doing a lot of the talking. The lo-fi indie group will be releasing their debut E.P., In The Time of Decay, combined with a tour, later this year. Self-described as blending; '...angelic, stripped down acoustic and vocal harmonies with refined electronic accompaniment, fusing the synthetic and the organic' they've set the bar high for themselves.

'Out of Air' exudes a quiet confidence, a set of musicians who understand the basic principles of composition when it comes to creating a song and ambience within the genre they operate. You can't escape that this is lo-fi, but it's very competent lo-fi, delivering a chilled out, non-confrontational narrative of defiance summarised in the wonderful line; 'Tear it down boys, we don't care, we'll build a new one, out of air'. Circuits of Heaven are one to watch and I wouldn't be in the slightest surprised if their E.P. release generates a flurry of interest, quality stuff. 'Out of Air' is available for free or at a name your own price at the below Bandcamp link.

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