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Single: The Culture in Memoriam - Hey Ho

The Culture In Memoriam Hey Ho
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Info: And on the Seventh Day god gifted the nation of Sverige with an advantage over all other nations, he granted them the power of pop, it's right there in Genesis 2:2 as far as I recall. Malmö's The Culture in Memoriam imparts a 'hard-hitting honesty, relentless politics and a cynical lust for love. Although bursting with full-blown instrumentation and pompous arrangements TCIM never loses it's intimacy and naked nearness to its listener.' The Swedish act have recently released the above single 'Hey Ho' from latest album History's Dust, the footing on the YouTube video stating that behind every successful hipster there is a worker slaving in the emoji factory.

My first impression was a throwback to the idiosyncratic garage-pop on fellow Swedes, The Hives' compilation album, Your New Favourite Band back in 2002, it's a lot of fun, it sounds great, is there depth? Are they being ironic? Or is it simply an indulgence that is easily enjoyed? On TCIM's 'Hey Ho' I suspect the quotient escalates loosely in a 2:2:6 ratio. The tracks opening riff unashamedly mimics the garage punk sound, chugging guitars and stressed vocals make way to a nice breakdown at the 1:36 mark before taking off again and throwing everything but the kitchen sink into it's raucous finale, it's all in the DNA really.

TCIM Hey Ho Single The Culture In Memoriam

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