Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Single: Astronauts, etc. - Shake It Loose

Astronauts etc Shake It Loose Toro Y Moi

Astronauts, etc. 'Shake It Loose'

Info: This is the fourth single to have featured here on the blog since March from Oakland act Astronauts, etc. the new project of Toro Y Moi keyboardist Anthony Ferraro and it's reached the point whenever a new track comes out I'm straight into listening to it because the previous three, 'I Know', 'No Justice' and 'Eye to Eye' have been so good, so funky, so groovy! There's just over two weeks before debut album Mind Out Wandering is released on the 18th of September and I've had a sneak preview sent my way, and it's a sure shot for one of my albums of the year at this point.

Astronauts, etc. - 'I Know'

With the announcement, band leader Anthony Ferraro told us, "We would like to state emphatically and unequivocally that no psychedelic drugs were used to achieve the moment of euphoria you hear beginning at 1:45. No serotonin releasers. No 5-HT2A receptor agonists. No NMDA antagonists. We don't know anything about that." Sage words. 'Shake It Loose' itself is short but sweet at just over three minutes, enjoyment derived from it's simplicity musically, no over-production with the light-touch percussion and funky guitar riff leading you on a hazy, merry journey. Needless to say a review of the full album will be here on the site upon release in a fortnights time.

Astronauts etc Mind Out Wandering

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