Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Video: Patrick Freeman - Cherry Blossom Fall

Patrick Freeman Cherry Blossom Fall

Patrick Freeman, 'Cherry Blossom Fall'

Info: Patrick Freeman is a songwriter and musician from Dublin who released his debut E.P., Perfect Fit, in 2014 to much praise, with The Irish Times' Jim Carroll eschewing praise of "the superbly toned melodic purr of all three
tracks". Freeman has just finished recording a nine track album in O Emperor's Big Skin HQ in Cork which is due for release in October. He is also running a crowd-sourcing campaign through where people can pre-order the new album worldwide until Sept 7th. 

As of last week the first single, which shares the forthcoming album's title, has been released, the video is an animation by Paul Savage to the title track "Cherry Blossom Fall". Musically I was struck by a resemblance to Leonard Cohen's 'Famous Blue Raincoat', if not as morose by any means, it's gentleness and placid incantations are most rewarding. Freeman's voice sounds quite unique, and while I think I've heard something similar from a 1960's folk troubadour, I just can't quite pin it down, the timbre hovering between many but not close enough to make a direct comparison. I have to say I really enjoyed the mood and overall ambience of 'Cherry Blossom Fall' and it's perked my ears more than enough to be curious as to what the album beholds. It's a sound that I crave regularly when alone and left to my own devices but rarely get to indulge in with a modern day artist, it would be an added bonus if an Irishman gets to fill that void!

Patrick Freeman Cherry Blossom Fall Cover

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