Sunday, 6 September 2015

Single: Screaming Peaches - Regina

Screaming Peaches Regina Single
Photo: Amy Beasley

Screaming Peaches, 'Regina'

Info: Screaming Peaches are a four-piece from London comprising of Theo Spark, Jamie Stiby Harris, Ollie Tobin, Coz Kerrigan, formerly known as MOVIE, the band have released their latest single, 'Regina' (above) from their Rough Music E.P.. which will be released on the 18th of September. 

'Regina' follows previous single 'Sad Kid' and is quite distinct in some ways from it's equally catchy and pop-tastic predecessor (listen below). There's a definitive mix of glam disco late-70's and early 80's pop melodies to their sound with both tracks bringing different types of listening enjoyment to the table. It was hard to shake the image of David Bowie's alter ego Ziggy Stardust during the Aladdin Sane era whilst taking in 'Regina', vocally it was also reminiscent of Bowie which probably contributed mostly to this notion. 

It's a thoroughly enjoyable listen the whole way through, the type of alternative pop fix that can satisfy the most needy, heightened backing vocals, pop guitar hooks, tidy drum-beats and keys all combining into a nice three-and-a-half minute package of fulfilment. And then there's that funk-dubious Gary Numan guitar intro on the wonderful 'Sad Kid' below....(oh, and also older track 'Tusk Vegas' is worth a whirl on their SoundCloud as well).

Screaming Peaches, 'Sad Kid'

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