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Album: Square Revolution - Square Revolution

 Square Revolution

Square Revolution - A Bridge

Info: Square Revolution is a pseudonym of Dublin-based singer-songwriter/producer Dave Thomas. The first full-length Square Revolution album will be released on 30th October 2015 - a follow-up to the debut release, Quartet EP. Square Revolution's music has been featured on national radio stations such as RTE Radio 1 and BBC Northern Ireland. Dave is a regular performer at the esteemed Ruby Sessions in Doyle’s of College Green and has also had the pleasure of headlining the evening. Square Revolution, in both solo and group mode, has played in venues such as Whelan’s and The Sugar Club, as well as opening for renowned acts including The Cribs & Oliver Cole.

It's always a good sign when you like the opening track on an album and what follows doesn't progressively evaporate that initial enjoyment. Opener 'Sugar & Alcohol' provides a summary of sorts of what is to come, with the lush production (courtesy of Dublin electronic musician and producer Eomac) never going too far, the mix of a post-rock sound and electronica working very neatly together. Second track 'Walking Back' shifted gears slightly toward sunnier moods, this is the first hint I took from Square Revolution of Irish influences, in particular Mic Christopher and a small hint of Bell X-1 circa 2003's Music In Mouth, definitely a track I'll be drawn to more after repeated listens.

Square Revolution Square Revolution Album

'Pattern' makes nice use of brass and drum beats to create a sleepy and slightly melancholic atmosphere, like British Sea Power and Broken Social Scene in their more contemplative modes. After a full-on electro powerhouse via 'Baby Blue Tears', Thomas drops the pace on the acoustic 'Camera Shy', you get a sense that this is where is origins are, a folky piece of song-writing which is nice to see as a touching point and understand where he's coming from. Oh how I enjoyed 'Quartet', what an intro, take me away on a string-laden trip of escapism! Although I haven't touched on it yet, the vocals are spot on here as well, as they are across the album, it's evident that Thomas hasn't just popped out of nowhere with an album and has been honing his skills for quite some time.

Square Revolution - Pattern

On 'Leaving (Fall Asleep)' Square Revolution throws all of the goodies into the bag, references to Explosions in the Sky or Califone with extra emphasis on the electronic side of proceddings, the song closes with nice ambient vibes and soothing backing vocals. The self-titled album closes strongly with 'A Bridge' (very top), it's hard not to feel like you're slipping into a (voluntary!) drug-induced deep sleep, it's pretty gorgeous musically, Thomas slowly sculpts an emotive soundscape for us to drift off into while he lays down our happy heads. 

'Square Revolution' will be released on the 30th of October, more info at the below links.

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