Friday, 16 October 2015

Track: ELVETT - So Easy To Leave

Elvett So Easy To Leave

ELVETT - So Easy To Leave

Info: Swiss indie-pop duo Elvett formed in January of this year and have amassed a strong following in the underbelly of their native music scene as a result of their unique brand of sleek analog-based indie sounds. Together as a musical duo since 2003, vocalist Lyn and drummer Alain have primarily written music for film up until now, with the release of 'Home' last month and now 'So Easy To Leave', they are moving into new territory, creating music based on sensuous electronica mixed with acoustic instrumentation. 

'So Easy To Leave' is an entirely different proposition to Elvett's last release, 'Home', it's as though they have left home (sorry) and charted a course for the stars, a very spacey soundscape has been created here by the duo, at times grimey and at other times full of soul. Again Lyn's lower tones are reminiscent of Winehouse and jazz vocals but as she reaches higher notes they sound more contemporary. One of the strands of Elvett's music that I particularly enjoy is the African style beats and percussion courtesy of Alain, adding colour to the trippy sci-fi picture they've painted on 'So Easy To Leave', which will feature on their soon to be released E.P.. 

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