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E.P.: Milo McMahon - Who I Knew

Milo McMahon Who I Knew Montreal

Milo McMahon - All Or Nothing

Info: Milo McMahon is a Montréal native of Irish-Canadian heritage who mixes light-hearted themes with not too serious tones in his alternative folk-rock music. When not touring with his music he performs improv stand up at his local club, Theatre St Catherine, this passion reflected in the above comedic narrative for his video 'All Or Nothing'. McMahon is currently in the middle of a European Tour which saw him play at Sin É in Dublin and The Harbour Bar in Bray at the end of September. 

During the summer he brought out his third release, the E.P. Who I Knew, which opens with the fun and very entertaining 'All Or Nothing', it has all of the hallmarks of a feel-good lo-fi indie jam as well as some delicious guitar riffage just after the half-way point. The video's protagonist is a deluded, self-indulgent individual who lacks any shred of self-awareness, quite the homage! Second track 'Caveman' sees McMahon sit down to more mellow and contemplative atmospherics, really enjoyed this one a lot, kind of peculiar mix of Beta Band meets Turin Breaks, a winning sound. 

Milo McMahon Who I Knew Montreal EP

'Breeze' drops down the rootsy / psych rabbit hole with an overtone of White Album Beatles, the tracks title capturing the care-free mood of the song nicely. Closing with the E.P.'s title track, Milo McMahon showcases an affable and charming voice alongside some straight-up blues rock guitar solos twinned with subtle jangle-pop picking. Who I Knew is an interesting collection of songs, there are small but noticeable shifts in mood between them and also the sound is varied enough to keep you occupied by a clearly talented entertainer.

Milo McMahon - Caveman

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