Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Track: From The Forest - Route One

From the Forest Route One

From The Forest - Route One

Info: From The Forest is a project that was certainly captured my interest both as an idea and based on this first offering, the above track, 'Rout One'. Chief instigator Tony Fitz explains; 'Inspired by Josh Homme's Desert Sessions, I've started organising a series of one-off collaborations called From The Forest, where a random bunch of musicians get together in a vibey old country house surrounded by trees and we record what happens. For the first session Ruairi Lynch of Bantum sat behind the drums, Jason Maher played bass, I plugged in an electric guitar, and we wrote 'Route One''.

I instantly liked 'Route One' from its opening raw and earthy guitar riff, the track is short but gets its intent across neatly within the allocated time. There's something slick and cool about the instrumentals, the trio have created a thoroughly gratifying and nonchalant rock mood, you definitely sense the enjoyment and natural click between all three musicians on this jam and it sounds great too. Looking forward to the next track courtesy of From The Forest already. 

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