Saturday, 3 October 2015

Single: Black River Manifesto - Kingmaker

Black River Manifesto Kingmaker

Black River Manifesto, 'Kingmaker'

Info: Currently based in Brooklyn, NYC, Black River Manifesto have become regulars on the local underground and DIY scene, comprised of Derry native Aodhán O'Reilly (guitar), Jeonglim Jang (upright bass) and Gabe Katz (drums), they combine old school rock and punk with modern instrumental twists amongst a haze of powerful sonic sunbursts. 

I found Black River Manifesto to be quite an exciting prospect, especially after dipping my toes in their previous releases such as the gothic bluegrass vibe on 'Devil May Care' (below), the sound is ultimately slick and throttles your inner essence in quite an arresting way that I can only imagine is very satisfying in a live situation. 'Kingmaker''s rattling bass and guitar intro sets the tone for a three and a half minute sojourn that will leave your head spinning. The music sways steadily between Pixies hysteria and early 60's rock styles of Dick Dale and their self-proclaimed favourite Link Wray, with Black River Manifesto lathering these bases with their very own noise-punk gusto to create a sound that genuinely makes you sit up and take notice.

Thankfully the trio are planning to tour Ireland and Europe next year and should this come to pass it will definitely be worth checking them out live.

Black River Manifesto, 'Devil May Care'

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