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Album: Jamie Stanton - Flying Colours

Jamie Stanton Flying Colours

Jamie Stanton, 'Livin' It High'

Info: Cobh artist Jamie Stanton is a multi-instrumentalist who has just released his debut solo album, Flying Colours, a rock-based yet genre spanning collection of 10 tracks recorded at Wood Street Studios in Cork City. Only released on Thursday the album has shot to the number 1 spot in the Irish Rock Album chart and currently sits at #5 in the overall Album, chart where it is steadily creeping upwards. 

Flying Colours opens with a sharp single acoustic bass note, a minute prelude encapsulating what is to follow on the album, a mix of thoughtfully laid out tracks moving from lighter classic rock ballads to harder edged metal offerings. The first two tracks 'Peligro' (peril) and 'Baldio' (wasteland) blend into each other seamlessly, with some very skilled Spanish guitar playing by Stanton, like a mariachi on a mission. The stall has been laid out and as the album progresses you suspect the overall theme has been described in the title of these two songs, an arrival via troubled waters.

The full introduction to the artist comes on the rock opus that is 'Destination Nowhere', a mix of late 80's early 90's classic rock with hints of Thin Lizzy style lead guitar as we approach the final third. 'Livin' It High', the debut single (above) enters new ground, a dirty and gritty country-blues number which you sense finds Stanton in his most familiar and fulfilled space, a really nice slice of foot-tapping and head-nodding rock n' roll with a ton of personality.  

Jamie Stanton

'Hold On Me' begins with a soulful gospel choir, bringing forth images of the American Deep South in days gone by, the ballad tells of an unrequited, or more than likely forbidden love, using nice metaphorical lyrics to describe overcoming real and imagined boundaries. As the title suggests, 'Outlaw' sees Stanton develop the story-telling side of his repertoire of styles, a noble yet ruthless criminal filled with intent prepared to carry out any act required in order to provide for himself and those close to him, the backing vocals and string arrangements are particularly appealing here and add to the atmosphere he seeks to invoke. 

The album's title track moves on to the harder rock metal sound which the artist identifies particularly with, dare I say there's a vocal and drum cap doff to Marilyn Manson on this one and it's nicely dark and humorous throughout. Flying Colours ends with a microcosm of Jamie Stanton's sound, like a whistle-stop tour of the various rock genres he has traversed across the recording, from country to blues, classic to hard rock and a lyrical folk tradition. There's no doubt that on his debut album Stanton has poured everything into it and is taking his music deadly serious, proof that when you combine passion with hard work you will be rewarded, as is evidenced by the rapid rise of Flying Colours through the charts in such a short space of time, he should deservedly take great pleasure in it's success to date.

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  1. The Flying colours track, has a serios Hetfield sound (Thinking back to LOAD and RELOAD) slight sound of Danzig too.