Saturday, 3 October 2015

Single: LGHTNNG - Sharks

LGHTNNG Sharks Groningen

LGHTNNG - Sharks

Info: Hailing from Groningen in the Netherlands come four-piece electro-pop band LGHTNNG who recently released two tracks, 'Sharks' (above) and 'One Night Away' from their upcoming E.P. Nights Change Days

'Sharks' itself is a very catchy 80's synth-based track which wouldn't be amiss on the Drive OST beside French synthwave act College. Other similar acts which LGHTNNG have referenced as similar are Portland trio Chromatics and Electric Youth. Both tracks have a sophisticated and endearing quality to them, with the former combining disco beats with clean soft vocals whilst 'One Night Away' adopts a slightly more subdued tone, overall two solid homages to the genre from the Dutch group.

LGHTNNG - One Night Away

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