Saturday, 3 October 2015

Single: Variant Sea - River Sallows

Variant Sea River Sallows

Variant Sea - River Sallows

Info: In terms of new acts you can't really get much newer than ambient post-rock duo Variant Sea, Luke Duffy (piano) and Shell Dooley (guitar) have only worked together on this particular project since last month and are already on the cusp of releasing their debut E.P., Season of Mists, which drops on the 6th of October.

The first offering from the new E.P. comes in the form of single 'River Sallows' (above) and I could almost just write a one-word review of it, 'beautiful', and simply leave it at that. I've always found there to be something uncontrollably moving in gentle piano pieces and regular readers will have lost count of the amount of times I've harped (sorry) on about the joys of strings. On 'River Sallows' Variant Sea have combined both so subtly (Dooley's use of bow with guitar) and with great care, like a surgeon delicately weaving a stitch through a wound they draw both together until they are joined harmoniously. 

Like an elongated piece of classical music I could happily lose myself in this track if it was repeated ten-fold going on 40 minutes rather than just over 4. It's like a modern yet traditional Chopin piece, the enjoyment of which is added to immeasurably by the longing strings reaching out to the piano, almost as though both instruments were in a waltz toward each other, two separate personalities that desire to connect but are kept apart by an unseen barrier. Beautiful.

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