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Album: Fold - Fold

Fold Fold Album Leeds Music

Fold - A Victim's Mentality

Info: Leeds funk / hip-hop and jazz four-piece Fold have just released their self-titled debut album today. In their own words they explain what it's all about; "We all know that there are some essential truths about the world that they don't teach in schools; instead we piece them together from fragments as we move through life. These are the truths that need bringing to light in order for us to collectively overcome obstacles. On their debut LP experimental Leeds quartet Fold have assembled a ten track narrative that aims to reflect on some of these essential truths. In a vein similar to Public Enemy, and more recently Public Service Broadcasting (whom Fold have remixed & supported), Fold carefully weave both the natural spoken rhythms and eloquence of many voices past and present into a unique tapestry of hip hop, funk, jazz, and psychedelic rock threads."

There's little to be added to that description that could catch my musical attention any more. Straight from the opening bars of first track, 'A Reflection of Us All' I'm digging Fold's Lemonjelly and Beta Band type grooves, samples of John Lennon and JFK speeches preparing you for the course of the next 36 minutes. We then bounce forward to rollicking drum beats and spoken word of above single, 'A Victim's Mentality', sparkling flashes of brass combining with the drums tightly for a really solid experimental jazz fix. 'Detroit' swings by the 1970's like an outro to Isaac Hayes' Shaft, funky wah-wah strumming, the guitars have an echo chamber effect with percussion again dropping another dollop of nifty disco beats on top. 

Fold - 'Two Past Midnight'

'The White Man' is a sophisticated blend of modern and old world styles, at times like an orchestral backdrop to a Shirley Bassey power-ballad and at others majorly old-school soulful flute loops รก la Curtis Mayfield. A real gem is the track 'She', nuanced rhythmically atypical timings and drums drive through the chilled out trumpet and bass-lines, a real soak it in and just go with the flow number. Things get really strung out and trippy on 'Be Water My Friend', the ingredients of which are infectiously dance-inducing with its killer smooth bass-line. Fold closes with a 90's sounding hip-hop Pandora's box in the form of 'Two Past Midnight' like a bizarre Snap and KLF mash-up, leaving you with the impression that these guys have fun making their music and they seriously do it well, it's thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and as debuts go I'd be more than happy if I were them. Kick out the jams.

Fold is now available on digital and (soon!) vinyl here

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