Monday, 2 November 2015

Video: Fog Lake - Shanty Town

Fog Lake Shanty Town

Fog Lake - Shanty Town

Info: Newfoundland is where the Vinland Sagas tell us that Norseman Bjarni Herj√≥lfsson became the first European to discover North America all the way back in 986AD, a couple of hundred years before the other fella. A mythical landscape in more than one sense perhaps, much like the music of a native of the Eastern-Canadian province, Fog Lake, moniker of Aaron Powell. He has just released a video made by film-maker Tyler T. Williams to accompany his track 'Shanty Town' (above). Powell says; 'Before music, I was enthralled in film crafted mostly for my friends and my own enjoyment. Film was my passion and then music came along and it seemed to slowly fade to the background. I still really love film and I guess in someway the music I make in an extension of that old passion. My music seems to have a cinematic quality to it and I guess that's why I get a lot of people wanting to use it in their videos.'

'Shanty Town' is a woozy tripped-out dreampop excursion floating through space, it's hypnotic drone sound and percussion conjuring images of a 1920's film soundtrack to a silent movie featuring primitive factory machinery in motion. There's also a feint Beatles Revolver strand of DNA running through it both in the slightly Lennon-esque vocal and the backwards sound effect. An arresting yet welcome break appears at the tracks end and again I'm hearing, for the second review in a row here, Beta Band goings-on, like a Beta Band martini with a Dandy Warhols olive in it. A great track and video that asks sir, 'May I please have some more?'.

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