Sunday, 22 November 2015

E.P.: Circuits of Heaven - In the Time of Decay

Circuits of Heaven In The Time of Decay

Circuits of Heaven - In the Time of Decay (track)

Info: Cork lo-fi indie band Circuits of Heaven have just released their sophomore E.P., In The Time of Decay,  Self-described as blending; '...angelic, stripped down acoustic and vocal harmonies with refined electronic accompaniment, fusing the synthetic and the organic' they've set the bar high for themselves.

In the Time of Decay opens with its title track, a slow burning and moody start with Weezer type harmonies, the sedate drumming and heartfelt vocals bring a bit of raw emotion to proceedings. Following track 'Here In Your Arms' is a big highlight for me, with guitars quite like God Is An Astronaut, it's a warm yet slightly brooding number musically and I'm quite enjoying the vocals in general at this point. 

'Deep Inside the Diary' is another solid track, a bit like I Am Kloot, it's of a sunny disposition and whilst simple, I do love a bit of xylophone in my happy songs so this one had a lot of appeal in that regard. On 'A Day Off' Circuits of Heaven embrace their electronic side again, bass and effects circle around 80's downtempo. All in all In the Time of Decay should be viewed as a successful debut EP from CoH, all four tracks stay true to their sound but provide the listener with plenty to keep them occupied, I just hope more people get to hear it.

You can now buy In the Time of Decay from the Inner Chapter labels Bandcamp page at the below link.

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