Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tracks: ELVETT - Everybody Say... & Who Shot First

Elvett Everybody Say Who Shot First

Elvett - Everybody Say...

Info: Swiss electro-pop duo Elvett formed in January of this year and have amassed a strong following in the underbelly of their native music scene as a result of their unique brand of sleek analog-based indie sounds. Together as a musical duo since 2003, vocalist Lyn and drummer Alain have primarily written music for film up until now, with each release they have been exploring new territory, creating music based on sensuous electronica mixed with acoustic instrumentation. 

Elvett pair Lyn and Alain seem to have a penchant for digging surprise after surprise from their bag of sonic tricks. 'Everybody Say...' has a gospel and jazz sound courtesy of the vocals with music eschewing a chilled out yet upbeat vibe and some nice sonic layers towards the tracks finale. In contrast 'Who Shot First' (below) adopts a more industrial electro sound similar to a modern take on Gary Numan's Tubeway Army or Kraftwerk. Tribal drums and vocalizer effects edge toward the slightly sinister as Elvett go slightly dub and disco with a hint of dare I say it, ABBA-esque pop sounds. Continental European pop music can get a bit of a bad rap in the UK & Ireland but Elvett are doing a good job of challenging those perceptions with every release.

Elvett - Who Shot First

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