Sunday, 29 November 2015

Single: Niamh Regan - The Sweetest Drop

Niamh Regan The Sweetest Drop

Niamh Regan - The Sweetest Drop

Info: Galway folk singer-songwriter Niamh Regan, who is currently studying Music at University of Limerick, has just released her debut single, 'The Sweetest Drop' and is already receiving well-deserved plaudits from high places with The Irish Times' On The Record stating; 'Niamh Regan catches our ear with a sweet, pure folk voice bursting with potential'.

Without sounding clich├ęd or patronising (regarding her young age) which is far from what I mean, Regan's voice and music already sounds like the finished article in so many ways. Musically I'm hearing Nick Drake and Bert Jansch in her guitar playing whilst her voice is unique enough not to be obviously attached to any predecessor amongst female folk artists of the same generation as those two. 'The Sweetest Drop' is strikingly beautiful with it's title metaphorically capturing the feeling you get while you listen to it, it's mature, sweet and crystal clear. The songs protagonist, a mocking bird, and trouble-bearing muse, is embedded in Regan's dirge with heartfelt poetic lyrics which cements the sense that she has delivered this track from another time. Although this is only a brief introduction to Niamh Regan and her music, without getting carried away based on one song, it augurs very well for her future and I agree with previous reviews which were of the view that we will be left eager for more. 

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