Saturday, 5 December 2015

Single: Maxim Ludwig - All My Nightmares / Assembly Line

Maxim Ludwig All My Nightmares Assembly Line

Maxim Ludwig - All My Nightmares

Info: As one of Los Angeles' most promising young acts at 19, Maxim Ludwig was hyped early by the L.A. Times as "ready to take on" Bob Dylan's legacy with a Hollywood residency likened to "Buffalo Springfield's early gigs at the Whisky.” But he followed bad advice, signing too many contracts because he liked how his name looked in ink, and soon wound up packaging deluxe edition CDs and box sets as an assembly line foreman at a downtown factory. Now 27, Ludwig has just released his first single with Los Angeles label Hit City U.S.A., 'All My Nightmares', along with B-side 'Assembly Line', a reflection of those days spent in between his promising beginnings and new found creativity.

'All My Nightmares' has all of the hallmarks of a classic soulful 80's pop rock number you might expect from Huey Lewis & The News or Don Henley, with a slightly darker and insidious undertone running through it. Initial impressions might be that Ludwig is using flippant humour in his lyrics, but the musical composition is well thought out and repeated listens give a greater understanding of what he his aiming for, reaching a higher plain of creativity whilst emphasising the enjoyability of the music he presents. This is perhaps more evident on B-Side 'Assembly Line', which focuses more on the soulful side of his music. Combined with some nice guitar work on the single and saxophone across both tracks, it makes for an interesting and different slant at the pop rock genre. 

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