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Album: Snippet - The Grooveplay Recordings

Snippet Cuts The Grooveplay Recordings

Info: Having released two albums and 6 EP's over the past few years, electronic DIY artist from Colchester, Snippet (aka Johnno Casson) has re-released a collection of his older work in the form of The Grooveplay Recordings. Johnno was born in a wonderfully multi cultural Hackney, London and grew up to the sounds of British Pop music, lovers rock, ska & funk echoing around his head.
10 years ago he took the time honoured route of moving from the East End of London to Essex and is now firmly based in Colchester. 

Casson explains that 'Before any of the wonky pop shenanigans that were to follow this (collection) is where it started for Snippet. "In late 2004 I tentatively started planning to record a new solo project and back then there was no Soundcloud,no Bandcamp and no iTunes. MySpace was just about to truly kick in but in the mean time there was an online platform where some like-minded DIY musicians were sharing their musical creations and it was called Grooveplay. With no gear outboard gear to record on other than a trusty yet beaten up Yamaha acoustic ,a bunch of samples, a shit microphone and a half dead pc in a tiny corner of our already very full flat - Snippet was born".

Snippet The Grooveplay Recordings

Well there's a ton of stuff to like about this collection of tracks from Snippet. First off you are taken back to the early noughties and acts like the excellent Lemon Jelly's KY compilation album and all of the fun and sun that came with the era. The Grooveplay Recordings are like a technicolour view of the world through his music, straight from the get go on opener 'The Digital Yes' you have the care-free sounds of children laughing, almost psychedelic 60's strings strumming and as the albums title suggests, plenty of chillwave groove. 

'Wave Your Sound' feels like a diary entry to Casson's youth reflected in the music, there's definitely a ska vibe to the song, and pictures of an urban neighbourhood street scene from a youthful summers day, a happy memory with the keys giving an enjoyable plodding (as in slow-moving I might add!) feeling to it. 

Snippet - Balls

On fourth track 'Irene' there is more lush string work and bubbling electro sparks, a slightly Aphex Twin hum to the track, the first half of which feels like a trip to a British seaside funfair on the promenade with a freaky ass clown making animals out of balloons. 'Balls' is when the groove goes up to 11, like Air meets some long lost 90's rave act and leads nicely into 'Let Me Feel These Things', Snippet moving from the early placid casual to a more layered sonic experience awash with a dizzying array of sounds. 

The album closes off with the 'now I'm dancing' track '50 Pounds Each', a joyful piece of ambient / borderline house grooves, and, I think, at this relatively early stage, might just be my favourite track on the whole album. Snippet warmly opens his front door on this album, sits you down for a cup of tea and sneakily laces the beverage with a high dosage of untraceable happiness. There's a new album on the way too, in the meantime check out Snippet's huge back-catalogue on SoundCloud and Bandcamp at the links below.

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