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E.P.: FIELDS - In The Morning

FIELDS In The Morning

FIELDS - In The Morning (track)

Info: Indie-folk singer-songwriter from Monaghan, FIELDS, released his debut EP In The Morning only last week. 23 year-old Se├ín O'Brien took his experiences of the last two years from travelling and a series of other events and converted them into these four tracks. Over the past 10 months, O'Brien has toured the pubs and bars of Monaghan and Dublin under the moniker, which draws inspiration from the latest Tallest Man on Earth record, Dark Bird is Home and is prompted by the regular ‘ode to home’ present in his own song-writing.  

The EP's opening and title-track reflects the emotion that FIELDS has stated fills his music. It's as crisp and clean a vocal performance as you're likely to hear, the morose ballad leads toward a powerfully uplifting and moving final third. Second track 'Runnin'' combines a gentle acoustic strum with light-touch piano playing and harmonies, and has more than a hint of American country folk about it, whilst O'Brien exemplifies the poetic nature of his lyrics which would be in line with the likes of Don McLean on this particular track. 

FIELDS In The Morning EP Sean O'Brien

On 'The Dreamer' FIELDS keeps proceedings low-key and straight-forward, probably the more stripped back of the four songs on In The Morning, there are really nice subtle traits to the track such as the flute playing and the addition of jangly electric guitar effects in the latter half. Consistency can be difficult to achieve even on a short collection of songs but with closer 'Nothing Left To Lose' O'Brien wraps things up with a quiet confidence, the track is a balmy and tranquil experience, the kind you willingly allow to carry you off as you drift away with the music. In The Morning is a very competent and promising debut that leaves you with a certainty that even better music and songs are only around the corner from FIELDS, all in good time for an artist you transposes his experiences to music with an admirable ease.

FIELDS plays Other Voices in Dingle this Sunday and Foley's Pub on Merrion Row, Dublin, this coming Monday.

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