Saturday, 5 December 2015

Video: Red Cable Sunday - Relentless

Red Cable Sunday Relentless

Red Cable Sunday - Relentless

Info: Alternative and classical musician from London, Red Cable Sunday (Denis Fernando) yesterday released a new video for his latest single, 'Relentless'. The unsigned artist is currently crowd-funding to help release his debut album, and his previous single, the gorgeous 'Prelude to the Nocturne' (below), has already featured on UK national radio on Radio 2 & 3. The theme of the video itself is drawn from Fernando's personal involvement in social campaigning, in particular activism relating to the current refugee crisis in Europe and local policy in the U.K. itself. 

With his classical background Red Cable Sunday's latest track features what is becoming his trademark grand piano, vocally it reminded me quite a bit of Elliott Smith and musically like a modern interpretation of Elton John's 1978 album A Single Man. 'Relentless' is filled with melody and a hazy tenderness and it's closing bars powerfully leave their mark on the listener. The video itself is poignant, a man invisible to everyone except the authorities, unable to partake in the society in which he inhabits. It's unusual to see a musician deal with such themes whilst having a certain brevity to their sound (and visuals) at the same time, gently coaxing us to ponder what's going on under our noses and asking ourselves where do we stand with it all.

Red Cable Sunday - Prelude To The Nocturne

Side note: I don't usually do this, in fact I never have, but I did want to acknowledge Denis' generosity and the trouble he went to by sending me a comic strip of the above video, a CD and most dear to me, the 'Prelude To The Nocturne' 45 single on vinyl from London at his own expense. It arrived in the post yesterday when I got home from work and I was puzzled as I hadn't ordered anything online in quite a while (it was packaged in Amazon cardboard which had me accessing memory files in my brain from when I took it out of the letterbox to getting out of the lift). 

I put it on straight away while I was pottering around the living room and it grabbed me, not what I expected at all (in hindsight after a few listens of 'Relentless' it's not such a surprise), it reminded me of Chopin, it's a truly beautiful piece of music, yes I'm a complete sucker for piano and strings, alone or together they create the strongest response in me to hearing music. So I'd like to publicly thank Denis for that, and it would be really great if he could stick a very long piano piece somewhere on his debut album, just sayin'! (also check out, 'Warflowers' on SoundCloud).

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