Saturday, 12 December 2015

E.P.: GILLBANKS - Lend Me Your Skin

GILLBANKS Lend Me Your Skin EP


Info: Others have described London band GILLBANKS as a mix of Pixies and Real Estate, while the band narrow it down further to calling their work 'pop songs with meat'. They recently released their debut EP, Lend Me Your Skin, with the launch night in their native Peckham with what is becoming a trade mark wild live show.

I knew I'd like this EP a lot from GILLBANKS as soon as I heard the opening bars of 'Anxious?', which briefly reminded me of Grizzly Bear before the song exploded into a raucous verse, dipping sweetly between it's laid back moments and rockier outbursts. On 'Start Again' we have soaring guitar solos and riffs with a nicely thudding bass line and drums, echoed vocals and harmonies creating a wistful atmosphere.

'Tiffany' is grungy and delicate at other times, by now you are aware of the style GILLBANKS have presented on Lend Me Your Skin, lulls and peaks of noise, which also helps you imagine how their live performances might pan out, a key to success is the ability to time these evolutions within songs well, something GILLBANKS seem to do effortlessly. Closing track 'Nerve' (above video) is a very strong closer, nearer to the drone sounds of Sonic Youth than Pixies for me, it's mood is subdued and the music is tripped out in a very good way. This EP ticks almost all of the boxes you'd want from an alternative guitar act, energy, sonic highs and lows and something different to everything else out there, I also quite enjoyed the vocals across all five tracks but in particular on 'Nerve', top marks.

GILLBANKS Lend Me Your Skin

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