Saturday, 12 December 2015

Single: Jon Varley - Suspended Girl II

Jon Varley The Missing Girl II

Jon Varley - Suspended Girl II

Info: Currently residing in British Columbia, Canada, chamber pop musician Jon Varley releases his second solo album, The Missing Kink, today. Varley plays in and writes for the Victoria-based bands Painted Fruits and Novel. His first solo-record, S/T, was released early 2015 through Poncho Records (Halifax, NS). Jon’s solo music is an eclectic mix of classic pop with jazz influence, inspired by The Velvet Underground and The Kinks. His upcoming release will be his fourth release of 2015.

The lead single from The Missing Kink, 'Suspended Girl II' (above) reminded me a lot of something you might find on Nico's Chelsea Girl (unsurprisingly as Varley cites The Velvet Underground as an influence) and the jolly jangles you'd associate with Glasgow's Belle & Sebastian. Varley's vocals are soft and soothing in an old world way, while elements of the track feel contemporary you would be entirely forgiven for thinking 'Suspended Girl II' came from a talented song-writer from the late 60's that you somehow missed. The modern traits come mostly from the subtle off-timing on the chord progressions and riffs, from my perspective I could quite easily lose myself in an album full of tracks like this and be happy out while I was at it, it's perhaps unintentionally endearing in a lot of ways.

You will be able to purchase the full album very shortly on Varley's Bandcamp page here

Jon Varley The Missing Kink

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