Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Single: The Days of Your Life - The Killing Fields

The Days of Your Life The Killing Fields

The Days of Your Life - The Killing Fields

Info: The Days of Your Life is the performance name of Tipperary and now Dublin-based musician Colin O'Dwyer. O'Dwyer is currently recording his debut solo album which is due for release around spring-time next year, and it has been an entirely DIY at home job so far, with mastering taking place in Dresden, Germany. He has just released his debut single, 'The Killing Fields', in advance of the full recording. Regarding what to expect, in his own words; '..it is a project portraying the musings of one man to form a soundtrack to the world he sees around him. thedaysofyourlife was born out of a mindset to create something with no restrictions, which is aided by the freedom of producing the majority of the music from the surroundings of his home studio.'

At first listen to the opening bars of 'The Killing Fields' you expect a good if maybe slightly familiar homage to electronic 80's music. When you spend some more time with The Days of Your Life's first offering you discover something more underneath the surface. It was hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I heard in terms of origins but it was like a strange mix both vocally and musically in tandem of a young Bono an U2, Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears' 'Shout', a really unusual blend. Whilst the track's title is ominous, O'Dwyer also creates an old world haunted atmosphere with both his voice and guitar-playing. 'The Killing Fields' definitely whets the appetite for the forthcoming album whilst also giving a sense that there could be more strong singles waiting in the wings.

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