Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Single: Voiceover - Oxygen

Voiceover Oxygen Munich Single

Voiceover - Oxygen

Info: Munich duo Voiceover recently released their debut single, 'Oxygen' above, the classically educated musicians Janko Raseta and Matija Chlupacek want to reinvent the past, mix up electronics with classical instruments, like the recorder, write dancey alternative riffs and create sound patterns of a new, special kind and manner

The most pleasant thing about 'Oxygen' is how it steadily gets better and better as the track goes on, it's a solid slice of unadulterated guitar and electro pop that quite reminded me both musically and vocally of Leeds alt-rockers The Music. Chlupacek's vocals are rallying and you can hear the slight British indie influence in there too as the track diverges into a cacophony of fuzzy sonic effects and drums, overall providing a tasty piece of continental indie-pop from the Germany-based pair.

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