Thursday, 7 January 2016

Album: Bocuma - Orphans of the Sky Remixed

Bocuma Orphans of the Sky Remixed

Info: Carlow based electronic artist Bocuma has released a remix of his excellent and fascinating album Orphans of the Sky which was reviewed here at the beginning of last year. Featuring a wide array of artists, the man behind the music, Martin Millar explains; 

'When the lovely people at Party Time Society suggested a remix album on Orphans of the Sky my initial thought was actually who would want to remix it? Turns out quite a few, not only did the album get great feedback from fans but it left a mark on musicians who I respect and look up to. From down tempo to Dnb, Synthwave to IDM and featuring mixes from Min-Y-Llan, Akasha, McKlain, Bouvetoya, Treefingers, Nightrun87, Subatomica, Jesse Feluss, 20SIX Hundred, Echolorado, illocanblo, Sattva, Dark Stars, Johnny Yesterday, Indifferent Spaces, Aydio, Elraes, Blankless and TomboFry. Each musicians take on the track they remixed is out of this world and fits the Orphans vibe perfectly. Taking elements and moulding it in their own unique style not only paints a new picture but for the album as a whole it's a new sci-fi filled landscape begging to be explored. A big thank you to everyone that contributed to this, I am super grateful for your time, talent and patience.'

You can stream the entire album and purchase it at the following link

For more of Bocuma's massive back catalogue which has garnered a huge fanbase of well over 5,000 followers on artist platform SoundCloud, head along to his Bandcamp page at

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