Monday, 4 January 2016

EP - David Matthew - Withheld

David Matthew Withheld EP

David Matthew - Some People Out There

Info: Dubliner David Matthew, who is currently based in Cork, just released his new E.P., Withheld, a few weeks ago on the city's independent label Inner Chapter. He previously self-released his debut album Inside Traffic and the electronic artist has collaborated in the past with Russian composer Ezekiel on a project which featured SinĂ©ad O'Connor. At three tracks-long, 'Withheld' provides a snapshot of Matthew's current activity and cross-genre style. His melody-driven music combines classical-romantic influences with a synaesthetic urge for sonic exploration; moody piano narratives sit side-by-side with synthesized soundscapes, provocative samples and dark, downtempo rhythms.

Matthew's latest release is curious and wonderful, all three tracks click together in a very formative way, with the opposite ends of the spectrum sandwiching a mixture of two styles in the middle. Opening with the spacey and chilled 'Some People Out There' (above) which features excerpts of some the denizens of the United States sharing their wisdom with a New Zealand news channel presenter, we are presented with the full suite of his electronic soundscapes. 'A Rain of Ruin' then morphs this sound with Matthews' classical leanings, apocalyptic soundbites are accompanied by foreboding piano sequences and brief 80's synth, it's a short buffer, and it in no way really prepares you for the final track.

Withheld closes with a thing of raw beauty in 'Le Coeur La Flamme', and the progression is beginning to unfold. It's like a 19th century aristocratic ballroom waltz, but the ballroom is empty and the pianist sits alone in the dark at a grand piano, I can almost swear I hear a brush vibrating gently on a drum snare in the background too. By the end of the track you've completely forgotten about the E.P.'s opener, which would suggest the styles don't work together, but that would be incorrect as the beginning of the three songs was always leading to this conclusion. A fine introductory collection of music from a talented individual. 

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