Sunday, 10 January 2016

Single: Paradox - EAT

Eat Single Cover Paradox

Info: Cork alt-rock and grunge band Paradox have released a new video for their track 'EAT' taken from last years Chapters album which was featured here. The third single from their album to date; 'The track was initially inspired by the documentary Earthlings and focuses mainly on the treatment of animals in factory farms, the fashion industry and how animals are exploited and used solely for profit, consumption and human pleasure. The video is mostly based off the poultry industry and their standard industry practices. Film producers Phoenix Pictures are behind the production of the video.'

'EAT' begins with a tinny acoustic opening which leads to their trademark grunge sound, vocally slightly similar to Nirvana with a sound more in line with Metallica's lighter hue. Paradox are musically assertive in the delivery of their songs, there's a determined confidence surrounding this single and a certain power in getting the message behind it across, as with the majority of the tracks on Chapters, the band effortlessly balance the crossovers between acoustic and electric guitars as the song progresses towards it's harder finale. The video is great too, turning how our poultry is prepared and treated entirely on its head with our avian friends locking us up in small coops before the harrowing message of '100% Boneless Human Meat' appears on a pre-packaged body. 

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