Sunday, 10 January 2016

Single: Carpool Conversation - Love When

Carpool Conversation Love When

Carpool Conversation - Love When

Info: Based in London via Cork city, three-piece psych and indie-rock act Carpool Conversation have released the first single from their forthcoming E.P. of the same name, 'Love When', which will be released at the end of February. With a sound that is hard to pin down, whirling somewhere in between psychedelic alt-rock and experimental indie, the band have become very popular with the BBC Radio 6 team including Lauren Laverne. 

Last year I reviewed Carpool Conversation's African Queen in a Brazilian Dream EP and I loved it very much. Whilst they have retained their smile-inducing off the wall characteristics, it's great to see that 'Love When' shows them driving on with the expansion of their sound, no sitting on their laurels with this one which augurs well for the full EP itself. A humming and deliciously thick bass-line runs through the track, there is a plodding ska feel once again รก la Madness or The Specials, but also their modern take on 60's psychedelic rock comes out to the fore also. A hugely enjoyable funk-laden mania kicks in just at the end of 'Love When' leaving you entirely gratified and most pleased that there is a new EP just around the corner.

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