Sunday, 10 January 2016

Single: REWS - Death Yawn

REWS Death Yawn Single

REWS - 'Death Yawn'

Info: Belfast and London-based alt-rock duo REWS are due to release their second single, 'Death Yawn', next month as a follow up to their debut 'Can You Feel' late last year. Singer Shauna Tohill and drummer Collette Williams' stated aim is; 'to inspire people to be who they are, dance, sing, have fun yet address those deep issues that people face in every day life. It might just be your medicine!' 

With their second single know under their belt Tohill and Williams appear to have already struck on the knack of writing infectiously uplifting songs over-flowing with punchy choruses and hooks. 'Death Yawn' slams you up against the wall instantly, as if you landed in the middle of the track rather than at the beginning. REWS loop rapidly up and down between short moments of calm and frenzy here and if they can maintain this standard of output 2016 could be a big year for the pair. I'd also recommend checking out this live studio performance of their debut single on BBC Radio Ulster's New Voices.

'Death Yawn' will be released on the 19th of February with a launch night in London's Jazz Café on the 16th.

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