Saturday, 6 February 2016

EP: Cobi Marsh - Legit

Cobi Marsh - Legit (A-side)

Info: Australian hip-hop artist Cobi Marsh released her first mixed-tape back in 2012, in more recent times she has been moving between New York and Melbourne to record her debut EP, Legit, which dropped this week. While she previously fused elements of old school hip-hop, reggae and soul on her original releases, Legit sees her focus more on adding a pop direction to the new tracks.

The title track and lead single (above) presents the reggae influence clearly in her vocals, a touch of Rhianna in some ways, it's a grimey pop number that adopts classic hip-hop beats, breakdowns and vocal effects which combined create a very catchy and chilled mood. Second track 'For Your Love' sticks to this formula but definitely veers closer to a more soul and tripped out sound with swirling electronic effects and sharp snappy beats. 

The third and final track on Legit, 'What's Up', sees Marsh and producer Ryan Ritchie throw everything into the E.P.'s longest track, it's full pelt on the pop front making it an ideal second single that would be a shoe-in for radio airplay. As pop releases go she should be well pleased with a debut which reflects a standard that the genre should be aiming for.

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