Saturday, 6 February 2016

Single: VOXX - Glamour Puss

VOXX Glamour Puss
Photo: Joe Conroy

VOXX - Glamour Puss

Info: Last year in February I went along to The Workman's Club to see my favourite Dublin indie band The Journals (now oh joy) and also caught one of the support acts on the night, a disgracefully good rock band called VOXX, whom I've just remembered as I sit down to write this. The band were tight and built up a full head of sultry rock sexiness, when they rocked, they rocked and had a very charismatic front man in Coco.

Tonight the Dublin band launch their latest single, 'Glamour Puss' (above) on 7" vinyl (kudos) in Whelan's for what will certainly be a great live performance in better surroundings than when I last caught them sound-wise. On their site they describe themselves as 'Ziggy & The Spiders from Mars' High Heel Boots, Keith Richard's Hair, Marc Bolan's Eyeshadow, Josh Homme's Tats, Michael Hutchence's Hips, Jesse Hughes' Sex Drive, Alex Turner's Word Play' and there's certainly a T-Rex thang happening on bass and guitars whilst vocals nod to the INXS front-man. 

'Glamour Puss' is extremely gratifying from the get-go, slamming straight down with some old school rock n' roll electric guitar riffage and thumping drums. Their sound is all of the clichéd terms you could ascribe, purple velvet, seductive and outrageously primal, if anyone can impregnate you with sound in this city it's going to be VOXX, these guys have the full package if your thing is glam rock with a twist and 'Glamour Puss' kicks ass, or should that be spanks ass....?

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