Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Premiere: Fun with Ropes - Blush

Fun with Ropes - Blush

Info: 'Blush' is the new track from Fun with Ropes, following on from last September's well received single 'We don't remember'. As always, this track is self produced and largely self recorded with instrumentation by Adam Donnelly and vocals by Julija Melander.

Fun with Ropes are an Irish/Swedish duo based in Dublin and making music somewhere on the border between electronic and new wave.

There's one thing that's clear with Fun with Ropes and that is that which each new release they delve into a new over-arching genre in their music. Previous single 'We Don't Remember' was a mish-mash of dance and disco, 'Written In Water' had elements of dream pop and chillwave whilst their very first track, 'Out of Sight' was a more guitar-jangled indie number. 

On 'Blush' they've gone deep down the 90's house / techno route with funky pop starbursts scattered throughout the track. I'm remembering Rozalla's chorus on her hit 'Everybody's Free' but also a strong backdrop of KLF sounds behind Melander's vocals and Donnelly's keys, guitar and beats. The keyboards and bass-lines are straight-forward enough but are the driving force behind a stomping dance number that gets better and more atmospheric with each listen, we patiently await their next surprise.

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