Monday, 28 March 2016

Single: Fell Runner - Dirty Money

Fell Runner Dirty Money

Fell Runner - Dirty Money

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: It’s only a few weeks since we reviewed Fell Runner’s last single, 'Dream Catcher', but it was so good that the quick release of its follow up was met with some anticipation. And the LA four piece are more than successful in delivering another perfect slice of African-tinged math-pop, this time with the politically minded 'Dirty Money'.

I think it’s probably a safe bet that Fell Runner are feeling the Bern in the current US electoral race, given the lyrical content of ‘Dirty Money.’  Both a rallying cry and an angry 'fuck you' to corporate greed, its a marked change from their first single, although still admirably continuing to tread less obvious lyrical paths than the vast majority of their contemporaries. And sure, it’s petty to point out that the lyrics start with an earnest plea to "save your disillusionment for another day, cos time's running out", yet in the very next verse are despairing that "no one cares enough, and for those higher up don’t give a shit at all." But then, I am a small man in some ways. A small, petty man.

All jokes aside, this track brings their count to two for two in terms of knocking it out of the park. Their instruments deftly interlock, like planets orbiting around a central sun, aligning for a moment, before swooping off into space again. They’re well aware that the clever and complex groove they’re building can take a few listens before fully revealing it’s charms, so they’ve made sure to strap it to a nuclear bomb sized chorus. In fact, there’s a perfect moment at the end of the second verse, where they manage to fully capture the seething anger at the heart of this song: as their voices angelically harmonise on the line “…don’t give a shit at all,” the drums start to flail and the guitar swells almost to breaking point, until four huge snare hits usher in the chorus of "We don’t want your dirty money!" And it’s fucking amazing.

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