Monday, 28 March 2016

Single: Zen Anton - I'm Not Bitter

Zen Anton I'm Not Bitter
Photo: Marvin Mendlinger

Zen Anton - I'm Not Bitter

Info: From Queens, New York city, Zen Anton is a jazz, blues and classically trained musician who released his debut self-titled E.P. in September 2014 which was reviewed here at the time. In his own words, Anton has 'thrown out my acoustic guitar (metaphorically!), hit the distortion button and did some primal shrieking!'. 

Quite a departure indeed from that soulful and folk sounding debut, his new single 'I'm Not Bitter' is a playful and humorous affair, it's protagonist simultaneously wishing misfortune and good luck to a former love whilst acknowledging the song's title is not being adhered to at all! It's a big leap to go from his early and original sounds into a new genre and it's clear that Anton has a grasp of the task ahead of him at this early stage, but for now it's about having a bit of fun on this catchy punk-rock self-effacing satire. 

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