Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Single: Ofelia K - Cinco

Ofelia K Cinco

Ofelia K - Cinco

Info: Los Angeles act Ofelia K's Plastic Flower EP featuring "White T-Shirt", "As A Bell", "Gone" and "Hawk Fly Tiger Run" reintroduced Ofelia K.’s voice to the world - compelling songs worn down to perfection that balance wistful maturity with a certain earnest and eternally young expression. With spins from Annie Mac at BBC Radio 1, over 1.8 million Spotify plays, and features on multiple NBC television shows, the world heard her starry eyed songs and asked for oh-so-many more.

With her upcoming single release, "Cinco", this LA songstress once again sets her sights on capturing the public’s heart with her tunes. As Ofelia herself mentions, "I was embracing the freedom to get loose and play, and I think that energy that comes through in the songs."

'Cinco' was a track I felt compelled to share, my kind of contemporary pop, instantly captivating, with hammer-blow beats and keys laying down the law either side of Ofelia K's polished vocal performance. Everything is sharp and cut so neatly to the extent that there are points where the music takes you aback, as if someone's just taken a swing at you for no apparent reason. Vocally it's at times close to Lykke Li on the chorus, and the sound, particularly in the final third reminded me a little of Go! Team meets Goldfrapp, quality pop juice!

* By the by, do check out her Plastic Flower EP on SoundCloud below.

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