Saturday, 12 March 2016

Single: Fell Runner - Dream Catcher

Fell Runner - Dream Catcher

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: Los Angeles based four piece, Fell Runner, have just put out the first follow up to their 2015 self titled debut album, in the spiraling, effortlessly catchy 'Dream Catcher'. Released in anticipation of a month-long residency in LA, which they’ll be using to road test a new batch of material, the song serves as a perfect appetite whetter for future releases.

“I spent the day dream catching / while reality kept trash talking me / and my ideas on the way things should be.”

The metaphor of fell running, (essentially foot racing but up and down hilly terrain), is pretty apt when it comes to this LA quartet: the rush and adrenaline spikes you’d expect are all present and accounted for, but the way they go about achieving them is a bit unorthodox.  They’re probably sick of the Vampire Weekend comparison, but even aside from the African influences in their sound, Fell Runner manage to combine that band’s playfulness and pop sensibility, with something more harmonically and time-bendingly elaborate, like Battles at their most day-glo.  

Endorsed by no less than Jeff Parker of Chicago post rock legends Tortoise, the clever compositional skills on display make it unsurprising that it’s the brainchild of four music graduates.  However, the song’s real victory is that rather than feeling like complexity for its own sake, Fell Runner bend the quirks of the arrangement to their own purposes, resulting in a pop song with a huge chorus that just has a lot more going on underneath the surface than you might initially notice. 

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Fell Runner L.A. Dream Catcher

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