Saturday, 12 March 2016

Track: Carriages - Like A Child

Carriages Like A Child

Carriages - Like A Child

Info: Aaron Page and Harry Bookless of Carriages return with their third release, 'Like A Child'. The first of a series of songs written during 2015, a year in which Carriages took a step back from playing live shows to spend more time in the studio. 

Starting as a percussion loop recorded using flower pots and a garden sweeping brush, 'Like A Child' became an experiment in stripping back their music to the bare minimum and creating space to experiment with layered vocal harmonies. 
Lyrically the song deals with lost love, and an inability to move on, while the repeated falsetto hook captures the futility of longing for distant memories. 

'Like A Child' is one of those songs I think about at the end of every year, the one's you're anticipating and haven't heard yet, that you know will stick with you for quite some time. Everything Page and Bookless have done on this track eschews an assured confidence that translates itself into an entirely smooth, moody and mellow listening experience. When you take away the electronic elements of the song you're left with a cross-over between The Cure's 'Lullaby' and Tears for Fears vocals on the simple but nailed on chorus. 

A lot of bands nowadays who are basing their music around a contemporary take on the sounds of 80's synthpop spend a lot of time 'upgrading' that sound, it's refreshing to hear Carriages avoid over-implementation of gimmicks and stick to the basics whilst only venturing into newer electronic sounds as required on 'Like A Child', they've taken all of the 'noise' out of it here and it really makes the track stand out for me. Also keep an ear out for the remix from the very, very talented Bantum at the end of the month.

'Like A Child' will be released on the 23rd of March on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and all other online shops. It will be followed on the 30th of March with a remix by Bantum.

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