Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Track: Carriages - Like A Child (Bantum Remix)

Carriages Like A Child Bantum Remix

Carriages - Like A Child (Bantum Remix)

Info: Aaron Page and Harry Bookless of Carriages return with their third release, 'Like A Child'. The first of a series of songs written during 2015, a year in which Carriages took a step back from playing live shows to spend more time in the studio.

Starting as a percussion loop recorded using flower pots and a garden sweeping brush, Like A Child became an experiment in stripping back their music to the bare minimum and creating space to experiment with layered vocal harmonies.

Lyrically the song deals with lost love, and an inability to move on, while the repeated falsetto hook captures the futility of longing for distant memories. 

Bantum has taken the main 'Like A Child' refrain and woven his distinctive sound around it, distorting time signature and key to give the song a new brooding, sinister quality. 

'Like A Child' is definitely one of my Irish singles of the year so far, reviewed last month here, and I would safely say, despite how much I stand on the periphery of the electronic music scene in terms of knowledge, that Cork's Bantum (RuairĂ­ Lynch), who also featured here last year, is one of the most talented electronic artists I've come across over the last few years. So this is one that is a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned and I was eagerly awaiting, it's pretty perfect.

Bantum - Take It

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