Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Video: Sarah Buckley - Little Freak

Sarah Buckley Little Freak

Sarah Buckley - Little Freak

Info: Sarah Buckley is a singer songwriter from Cork based and gigging around Dublin. Sarah is currently in BCFE music college and has played a number of festivals throughout the country including Electric Picnic, Vantastival , Le Chéile Festival, Claremorris Fringe Festival, Achill Battle of the Lakes & Glendalough festival. The above video for her song 'Little Freak was recorded at Fennor Lane in Slane, Co. Meath.

There's such a nice blend and marrying of sounds that is rare between vocalist and acoustic guitar in Buckley's music, and it's captured lovingly here on her live performance of 'Little Freak'. At a time when we are awash with local music across all genres, it's refreshing to hear a singer who sticks to their own voice and avoids the trappings of imitation, there are more Ellie Goulding knock-offs around than you could shake a stick at for example. Buckley's sound feels drawn from what she grew up with, rather than what she is surrounded by in the present day, it's classic Greenwich or Haight-Ashbury folk, even this video sounds like an old 45 that has survived the passage of time, all she has to do now is stay true to her inner school and the rest will follow.

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