Thursday, 19 May 2016

Single: Burrowing - Will You Want Me

Burrowing Will You Want Me

Burrowing - Will You Want Me

Info: Burrowing is an Australian/Norwegian act based in Oslo formed by Melbournian singer-songwriter Adam Eaton.The second single, 'Will You Want Me' was released April 29th by BIG DAY RECORDS and released with a performance at MONO in Oslo, performance in the far north of Norway in Tromsø and an upcoming solo tour. The first EP from Burrowing is due for release August 2016.

Simplicity is a descriptive word that invokes an understanding of basic, safe, unchallenging etc., but in musical terms it can sometimes be as elusive as complexity. Burrowing has constructed a track that skilfully embraces simplicity through self-awareness, in it's most enjoyable form. His latest single, 'Will You Want Me' reminded me of a trio I enjoy or have enjoyed very much at various points over the last ten years, Bon Iver, Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes.

His vocal tone is strikingly comforting yet yearning and the music is like a summer glow, gentle acoustic strumming and percussion with reflective guitar riffs, it's all a hazy and melodic experience, with a very subtle and almost hidden energy in its rhythm, spot on song-writing, two listens and you're his.

Here's previous single 'Senorita'

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