Saturday, 21 May 2016

Video: RUTH - Who Are You Living For?

RUTH What Are You Living For
Photo: Remy Connolly

RUTH - Who Are You Living For?

Info: Dublin-based, and originally from Kerry, solo act RUTH released the video for her debut single, 'Who Are You Living For?' on Thursday just gone, following a headline show in Anseo earlier in the week with support from Rachael Lavelle and Maria Kelly. The video was shot by Deborah Sheedy and is an extended version of the original single.

In the January review of the single I wrote; ''Who Are You Living For?' is a straight up retro dance-pop groover with shades of electronic-influenced guitar sequences and drum beats. Vocally the chorus is gratifying in its anthemic reach, whilst on the verses she expresses a solemn veneer that creates a ponderous mood in between the uplifting choruses. 

There's certainly a small bit of a stir beginning to surround RUTH already and it's easy to see why, her sound will easily traverse serious music fans and pop oriented tastes simultaneously if she can maintain or enhance the quality displayed here, my money is on the latter.'

Following the show on Camden Street on Tuesday night, it affirmed to me that RUTH is more than capable of breaking through from that starting point at the beginning of the year toward greater attention in the second half of 2016. Her live vocals are just as pleasing as they are in recording, and she is already armed with a solid collection of songs (and band), as well as an alternative pop sound that the airwaves will love. In addition, I couldn't help but think afterwards that there is a performer in there, limited at present by the constraints of starting out, an Irish Florence or FKA Twigs perhaps? Plenty of time for that, but I won't be in the slightest surprised down the road.

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