Saturday, 14 May 2016

Single: Lovelace - Grizzly

Lovelace Grizzly
Portrait by Chris Savill

Lovelace - Grizzly

Info: Rebecca Whitbread better know as Lovelace releases single 'Grizzly' from debut album Lands. 'Grizzly' is a pleasing mix of mellotron samples and glistening guitars. Leaving you dreaming you big skies and warm waves. 

Lovelace describes 'Grizzly' as "this feeling that I have about pushing through without needing another person at my side. It’s a strong sense I've had, for most of my adult life, of living my life's adventures 'solo'. Though there have been a few significant people along the way, some relationships and many beautiful encounters and friendships. I've never needed the 'safety blanket' of another person. In fact, I'm sure I wouldn't have done half of the things I have, if I had a partner to think about at the time. I started travelling alone at 15, moved out at 17, backpacked alone around India at 18 and it’s been pretty much like that since. It’s a strength I have to go solo to Burning Man, move to San Francisco or Berlin, without really knowing anyone, to pursue a difficult yet rich career in music and so on."

'Grizzly' is a disarming single from Lovelace, it's unexpectedly trippy and Whitbread's vocals are refreshingly difficult to pin down to any one particular influence or predecessor. With its tidy beat and unassuming piano, the vocal effects develop from an initial jazz chanteuse hue to otherworldly destinations as the track progresses. Here the artist effectively transposes the theme of the song as outlined above to the music, carefree, comfortable, and happy within itself, but most importantly, a positive and enjoyable experience for the listener.

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