Saturday, 14 May 2016

Single: Pranks - Flares

Pranks Flares Single

Pranks - Flares

Info: Dublin two-piece noise merchants Pranks (Micheál Sheil and Gearóid Connaughton) have released their latest single and video for their track 'Flares', following on from the huge success of March's 'El Capitan'. 

The sweet sounds of spring bird choruses are ripped away with a jolt as the pair lay down the law with their grunge-inspired hard rock combination of unrelenting drums and thick chugging guitar riffs. As with their previous singles there is a golden moment when they draw everything together, here coming as we enter the tracks final minute, a rip-roaring instrumental break between choruses. I can do nothing but ❤ these guys energy and music.

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