Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Single: Minden - Real Sugar

Minden Real Sugar
Photo: Jaclyn Campanaro

Minden - Real Sugar

Info: Portland, Oregon indiepop five-piece Minden today released the first single, 'Real Sugar', from their forthcoming album, Sweet, Simple Things, which is due out later this summer on independent label Hit City USA.

'Real Singer' conjures up all of the descriptive words you can associate with a lovely slice of indiepop wellbeing, candy, bubblegum, sunshine, and that's despite the tracks name. It's a real case of 'this is what you really want, and we're going to give it to you', lyrically proceedings are kept basic, but it has a David Bowie-esque nonchalant pop swagger about it, think 'Let's Dance' or 'China Girl'. Added into the mix is that 'so wrong it's right', naff in a really cool way, late 70's keyboard progression, and an intro that will snap your neck off if you're not careful, it's all fun and it's all good.

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