Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Track: Silences - Breathless (Keian Remix)

Silences Breathless Keian Remix

Silences - Breathless (Keian Remix)

Info: With a distinct aesthetic that integrates disparate influences and displaced elements, Keian is an Irish-Iranian producer who crafts his work as a statement of intent. Following on from his warmly received debut EP, Keian has remixed Silences' heartbreaking new track 'Breathless', creating a confluence of dissonance and harmony, coarse ambience and shimmering synths. 

Describing the rationale behind his arrangement, Keian had this to say:

" 'Breathless' was unashamedly my favourite track from the Luna EP, and the way the band managed to capture that certain combination of fragile vulnerability and raw defiance really struck a chord with me. In my remix, I wanted to bring some of the more understated rhythms and subtle details of the track to the forefront - things you might miss on your first or second listen - while taking away none of the emotional impact, and making sure Conchur's unmistakeable vocals remained at the very heart of the music."

Conchúr (Silences) notes the contrast between the original and remix: 

''Keian has highlighted certain nuances that evaded me in the original track. I wanted to be surprised and I wanted to discover something new which I have. There's a subtle, ethereal quality to a lot of Keian's music and this is no different. I'm so humbled that he has lent his talent to this song and I'm excited to for others to hear it."

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