Monday, 6 June 2016

EP: Faces On TV - Traveling Blind

Faces On TV Traveling Blind EP

Faces On TV - Traveling Blind

Info: Belgian act Faces On TV (Jasper Maekelberg) has just released his debut EP, Traveling Blind. Maekelberg himself is a 26-year old producer /engineer / mixer who works with Sam Sparro, Gabriel Rios, Soldier’s Heart & Warhola, who writes, records and mixes everything himself.

The EP opens with the excellent 'Love / Dead', a swinging tune, it's bubbly intro leading into a soft pop parade of chill, Maekelberg keeps it simple rhythmically and it works nicely with his crisp vocals with the single sounding quite like R√∂yksopp meets White Town. Then comes current single and title-track 'Traveling Blind' which adopts an Rn'B acoustic rhythm dispersed intermittently through the track in between snappy beats and electronic waves, there's a bit of a Tame Impala sound to the basslines here as well. 

Faces On TV - Love / Dead

After the floaty and darker 'It's Coming In' we have 'Run Against The Stream', we're in the chill zone on this one, celestial vocals and a plonking drum and bass backdrop creating a very moody soundscape for us to enjoy. The EP closes with 'Pray The Light', it's silent build up giving way to the most industrial sounding and dark electronica out of the entire collection of songs. Darting and sharp synths echo like arrows bouncing off invisible walls to round up what is probably going to be one of the most enjoyable and accessible electro-pop releases from continental Europe this year.

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