Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Single: Chase Nova & The Everchanging Bandname - Echo

Chase Nova & The Everchanging Bandname - Echo

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: Proud owners of a superb moniker, Chase Nova & The Everchanging Bandname have just released their debut single "Echo". Already well renowned on the live scene, this release sees them distill their funky, bluesy style into a perfect three and a half minute pop gem.

Let’s start with the band name - it’s just the fucking best, isn’t it? Standing refreshingly apart from many of their angsty, indie/folk/rock brethren in the bustling Irish scene, Chase Nova et al mine a more American delta Blues/funk seam with terrific results.  They have that effortless charm and charisma that comes only from being excellent musicians who know they could shred your face off on a whim, but prefer to loosely groove their way into your heart and pants.

With a vocal delivery and lyrics perfectly balanced between heart-on-sleeve sincerity and caustic witticisms, Chase has just the right amount of grit and grin to place the listener firmly on his side. The rap/singing element incorporates english influences from Arctic Monkeys' co-option of UK grime and US hip hop vocal patterns all the way up to Ed Sheeran’s remoulding of those patterns for acoustic balladry.  And maybe it’s the horns that come in and the way the band lay back in the groove, or maybe it’s that couple of years I lived in America, but there’s a big Dave Matthews Band feel for me, which is no bad thing.  

The fact is, this excellent debut single already stands out just by the virtue of its uncommon heritage in these thoroughly pigeonholable times (yes, it’s a word). But the care, attention to detail, and skilled musicianship that have clearly gone into its creation, put it over the top;  and with the current streak weather, if there’s any justice this should be blaring from stereos at barbecues across the country in no time.

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