Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Single: Shrug Life - Marvin Gaye

Shrug Life Marvin Gaye Single

Shrug Life - Marvin Gaye

Info: Dublin band Shrug Life released their latest single 'Marvin Gaye' earlier this week, released as part of the forthcoming Little L Records EP 'A Litany Of Failures'. The four band EP features fellow lo-fi luminaries Oh Boland, Junk Drawer and That Snaake. True to their singular form, Shrug Life’s new song is a juxtaposed jaunt of musical joy and lyrical heartache – celebrating fellow grapevine pagliacci Marvin Gaye in the process. Produced by Fiachra McCarthy (Squarehead, Dott, So Cow) and mastered by Mark Chester (Ginnels, Paddy Hanna), the song is available to stream from the band’s SoundCloud page from today, with ‘A Litany Of Failures’ being released with launch shows in Belfast (McHugh’s Bar –Wednesday 8th June), Dublin (Sweeney’s – Thursday 9th June) and Galway (Roisin Dublin – Saturday 11th June).

The raucous trio jam-pack this exactly three minute track with unnerving and abundant energy. This is how I'd imagine Weezer and Morrissey combining after the The Smiths frontman finally found his bag of Xanax which he misplaced back in '83. There's a wee bit of a math-rock strand to be found in the intro courtesy of the dueling and subtly out-of-time guitars and drums. Trundling along at a dizzying pace the train goes off the rails shortly after the two-minute mark after a disarming and brief period of relative calm. So much to love and enjoy and just let yourself loose on on Shrug Life's latest, wonderful and crazy carry on.

Shrug Life Little L Records A Litany of Failures

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